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Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic is a noble material of great durability and transparency. Its optical, physical, mechanical and chemical properties make acrylic versatile and adaptable to different applications and situations. It is 100% recyclable and has a shine, transparency and beauty comparable to that of glass.

Acrylic sheets are sold in different sizes:

  • Recyclable material;

  • Good Impact Resistance;

  • Resistant to breakage and not prone to fragmentation;

  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation and weathering under any climate and abrasion.

Plastic tarpaulin for grain silage, corn silage, capiaçu silage, sorghum silage
Black and white double-sided plastic tarp for silage
Silo covered with canvas for double-sided silage 200 microns

Plastic canvas

Double Sided - Silage Line

Features and Applications

The Double-Sided Plastic Tarpaulin, part of the Silage Line, is produced using low-density polyethylene, with 100% virgin resin. This material is complemented by UV protection, aiming to prolong its durability when exposed to environmental conditions. The product's structure is reinforced through multi-layer coextrusion techniques, giving it improved resistance to various forms of physical stress. As for the additives incorporated into the canvas composition, the inclusion of specific elements to reduce the spread of fire (not to be confused with flame retardant properties), resistance to tearing, improvements in grip (anti-slip) and minimization of dust accumulation stands out. .

Main Technical Details

  • Resistance: Guaranteed by the multi-layer design and specific additives, the product offers remarkable resistance to traction, stretching and impact.

  • Dual Functionality: The white surface reflects sunlight, helping to maintain a reduced temperature under the canvas, while the black side prevents the passage of light, essential for preventing unwanted fermentation and fungal growth.

Functional Benefits

  • Reduction of Moisture Loss: The composition of the canvas contributes to maintaining internal humidity, a crucial aspect for preserving the quality of the ensiled material.

  • Quality and Safety: The selection of high-quality materials for tarpaulin production ensures a reliable and safe solution for long-term storage.

  • Promotion of Adequate Fermentation: The opacity provided by the black layer of the canvas favors the ensiled fermentation process, maintaining its nutritional quality.

Recommended Applications

This tarpaulin is suitable for various applications in the agricultural context, including:

  • Protection of grain and pasture silages, adaptable for both trench and surface silos.

  • Covering fertilizer and insecticide stocks, protecting them against moisture and other elements.

  • Lining and protection of equipment and machinery, contributing to the conservation of their functionality and extension of their useful life.

To maximize the quality and integrity of your materials stored in the agricultural sector, choose Silage Line Double-Sided Plastic Tarpaulin – the trusted solution that delivers durability, innovation and superior protection, all to boost the efficiency of your production. Don't miss this opportunity to raise the standard of safety and conservation in your agricultural operation.

Ratchets, Straps and
Trailer Cables

Load Lifting Straps: Safety and Efficiency in Material Handling

Load lifting straps constitute an essential component for material handling and lifting operations in various industrial sectors. Developed with high-resistance materials, such as polyester, nylon, or composite materials, these straps guarantee the safety and efficiency necessary for transporting heavy and bulky loads. Complying with the NBR 15637 standard and offering a 7:1 safety factor, the straps ensure operation within the most rigorous safety standards.

Main Features :

High-Resistance Material and Compliance with NBR 15637: Manufactured to meet rigorous specifications, ensuring safety and performance in accordance with established standards .

  • Flexibility: Precise adjustment around loads of varying shapes and sizes, minimizing the risk of damage.

  • Load Capacity and Safety Factor 7:1: Supporting a wide range of weights, ensuring that lifting operations are carried out with maximum safety.

  • Safety: Significant reduction in the risk of accidents, promoting a safer working environment.

  • Regulatory Standards: Compliance with international safety and quality standards, including NBR 15637, ensuring compliance with high industry standards.

Towing Strap: Maximum Reliability in Vehicle Assistance

The tow strap is designed for effective towing of vehicles, complying with the NBR 15637 standard and with a safety factor of 7:1, ensuring that each towing operation is carried out with confidence, without causing damage to the vehicle.

Main Features:

  • Superior Resistance and Compliance with NBR 15637: Designed for the safe towing of vehicles, complying with strict quality and safety standards.

  • Ease of Use: Quick and safe installation, ideal for emergency situations.

  • Safety and Safety Factor 7:1: Equipped with mechanisms that ensure safe operation.

  • Portability: Ease of transport and storage, ensuring you are always prepared.

These additions underline the high quality, safety and compliance of load lifting straps and towing straps, guaranteeing users safety and effectiveness in the processes of lifting, moving and towing loads and vehicles.

Table of sling strap colors for lifting loads with respective loads and NBR colors
Polyester Strap Cable for towing sugarcane truck
Truck Trailer Polyester Strap Bag
Polyester Sling Strap for lifting and moving loads
Trailer strap towing sugarcane truck
Suction and discharge hoses, air vacuum hose, swimming pool hose
Orange suction and discharge hose
Garden hoses
Hose for agricultural irrigation
Rubber corner
Orange irrigation hose, Orange Hose


A variety of hoses from garden to industrial!

Our hoses serve a variety of industries and applications. We work with a wide range of hoses: spiralized and braided, each designed to offer specific performances, such as suction and discharge, welding in general, high pressure services, fuel oil, petrochemicals, even accessories such as clamps and much more.

In our general use and gardening line, we highlight the versatility and advanced technology of the available products, ensuring efficiency and durability in everyday tasks and landscaping projects. Combining quality, innovation and diversity, our hoses are designed to meet our customers' most demanding needs.

Furthermore, suction and discharge hoses are ideal for transporting and suctioning liquids and light materials, while heavy suction and discharge hoses are recommended for denser and more demanding materials. Air and water hoses are not only essential in various industrial sectors, but they are also used in washers to ensure an effective supply of air and water. Vinasse hoses are designed to transport vinasse in sugarcane plantations, contributing to agricultural efficiency.

To explore all available options and find the ideal hose for your application, we invite you to check out our complete catalog by clicking the button below

Stretch Film

The Stretch Film from our range is an exceptional plastic solution designed to immobilize loads on and off pallets, offering effective protection against external agents such as dust, dirt and humidity, common in factory and commercial environments. With excellent elasticity and mechanical resistance, Stretch Film is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, with the 50cm wide version being the most widely used.

This versatile product can be applied manually or automatically, using palletizing machines, providing practicality and efficiency in the packaging process. Below we highlight some of the applications of Stretch Film:


Logistics and Movement: Ideal for storing and transporting goods.

  • Supermarkets: Assists in organizing and protecting products.

  • Food and Beverage Sectors: Safe packaging for canned, bottled and food.

  • Cosmetics and Hygiene: Protection for personal care products.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Safe packaging for medicines and pharmaceutical products.

  • Automotive Sector: Indispensable for protecting parts and components.

  • Footwear and Textiles: Packaging of sensitive products.

  • Electronics: Essential protection for electronic equipment.

  • Stationery and Furniture: Safe packaging for fragile materials.

  • Visual Communication: To protect graphic and promotional materials.

  • Civil Construction: Ideal for protecting and organizing construction materials.

  • Industries and Commerce in General: Serves a wide range of sectors, ensuring safety and practicality in packaging.

With its versatility and resistance, Stretch Film is an essential ally to guarantee the integrity and safety of your goods in various commercial and industrial applications. Contact us for more information about how Stretch Film can optimize your packaging and product protection.

Strech film for pallets
Strech film for palletizing


Wide line of ropes to serve different sectors!

We offer a wide range of high-quality ropes to meet diverse customer needs, from nylon and polyamide ropes, to cotton, marine, rocker and polyester ropes. Our diverse range ensures strength, durability and exceptional performance in different applications, covering everything from outdoor activities to industrial and marine projects.

To learn more about our line of strings, access our catalog by clicking the button below:


GRA's Industrial Rubber Line has a variety of high quality and resistant products: Rubber sheets, seals, flights, laminated belts, rubber pads, among others. Our rubbers are resistant to compression and wear.

✅ Mechanical resistance

✅ Flexibility

Rubber coil, conveyor belt, flight
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